Phase II: Bi-Directional Data Xchange

In addition to delivering data from Teranet to the customers, Teranet Xchange will soon support a bi-directional channel for data to be communicated back to Teranet from our customers. Upon completion, Teranet Xchange will be able to facilitate data exchange between the customer and any designated partner, and will support efficient and centralized master data management.

The illustration below is an example of how Teranet Xchange could help to aggregate and add value to customer data before being delivered back to the customer.



The Teranet Bi-Directional Xchange will:

  • Provide improved access, usability and distribution of critical information for land development purposes
  • Allow organizations to redeploy resources away from acquiring and managing data by adopting a new, more powerful single source
  • Create a common infrastructure that can power future applications / services that require the delivery of integrated data and/or mapping experience
  • Integrate, standardize and enhance spatial and non-spatial data from multiple sources
  • Allow multiple parties to receive information from a single data owner through a single source in a standardized form