Improve Efficiencies and Enable Smart Decision Making


  • Access data from the premium digital cadastral mapping solution in Ontario
  • Receive up-to-date parcel mapping, title data & document images
  • Automate the data dissemination process with direct data access for customers and sub-licensees
  • Support new data formats such as ESRI FGDB and ArcSDE
  • Enable streamlined data integration into the destination database
  • Accommodate existing database environments




Live Data Update, On-Demand Access

With Teranet Xchange you can receive up-to-date parcel mapping, title data and registered document images whenever needed instead of at a pre-defined frequency. As a result, you will have the latest land related information available at your fingertips to aid informed and effective decision making.

Database Technology Agnostic

Teranet Xchange removes the dependency on specific database solutions, i.e. Oracle, SQL, and works with your unique system needs. This subsequently creates opportunities for efficiency improvement and cost saving.

Enhanced Security Features

Teranet Xchange safeguards your data and systems by transmitting data over secure channels using a multi-tier delivery solution, where communication and data storage are handled in separate environments.

Leading-edge delivery formats

In addition to supporting the current delivery formats, Teranet Xchange adds capability for new data formats such as ESRI FGDB, ArcSDE, etc.

Multi-tier Data Dissemination

This capability supports direct data access for customers and their sub-licensees. This function allows great efficiency improvement for organizations that are currently performing the task through manual and/or lengthy processes.

Data integration Enabled

Enables easy integration of parcel mapping and title data into your database

Improved Fault Tolerance

Teranet Xchange alerts on data transfer failures immediately, which allows for proactive trouble shooting and speedy resolution.