Title Data Solutions


Ownership Property Report

  • A property report containing PIN, Owner Names, Address, Instrument Number, Registration Date, Map PIN and XY coordinates based on customer datum and projection requirements

Basic Property Report

  • Provides Property based information including PIN, Address, Legal Description

PIN-Plan Index

  • Contains a correlation of PIN to the plans in which they are related
  • Link Plans to parcel mapping or GIS database

Easement Report

  • Provides property based information regarding easement registration

PIN-ARN Cross-Reference Report

  • Defines the relationship between the POLARIS Property Identification Number (PIN) and the corresponding MPAC Assessment Roll Number (ARN) using both spatial and attribute data
  • Allows you to link property ownership information and assessment information to get the full picture of all of the attributes associated with a parcel of land

Active Instrument Report

  • A property report listing all active instruments related to active PINs