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Ontario Parcel includes Ownership, Assessment & Crown parcels

  • Property lines, supporting data and parcel identifiers, such as property identification numbers (PIN), assessment roll numbers (ARN) and crown identifiers, all of which can be linked to ownership, assessment and crown information for each parcel of land in Ontario sourced from Teranet’s OnMap system
  • Geographic township fabric, plan boundaries and text, road and railway names, major easements, major water bodies and First Nations boundaries
  • Provides the foundation needed to support the spatial applications required by government, utilities and commercial organizations

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  • POLARIS Mapping Standard
    • Parcel fabric is generated using survey plans and deed descriptions sourced from Land Registry Office records
    • Data is entered using coordinate geometry and tied to survey plan fabric
  • BIM Mapping Standard
    • The BIM mapping was built using Assessment data and information sourced from the Land Registry System
    • Procedures involved heads-up digitizing, table digitizing data entry of the hardcopy. This index maintains property adjacency with relative position and shape.


  • Teranet’s Mapping Division is comprise of Mapping and G.I.S. Technicians
  • Over 55 staff dedicated in Map Maintenance, Map Development and Application Support
  • Process over 60,000 MMR’s (Map Maintenance Requests) annually through the OnMap platform
  • Represents both ownership and assessment parcels


Our GIS Data is:

  • Attributed parcel polygons with an identification number (PIN, ARN, Crown
  • Can be delivered in either ESRI Shape, Geomedia MDB, or MapInfo TAB.
  • Can be projected in UTM, MTM, LCC, or unprojected Lat/Long.
  • Value added feature and ASCII text table with the Parcel Type.

Our CAD Data is:

  • A graphics file with unattributed points, lines and polygons.
  • Data not GIS ready.
  • Can be delivered in either AutoCAD or Microstation.
  • Can be projected in UTM, MTM, LCC, or unprojected Lat/Long.
  • Value added features, additional levels, polygons, by-feature extraction.