Easement Projects


Easement Projects provide information related to registered easement documents in your jurisdiction of interest and search for instruments related to organizational interest.


The Phased Approach

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Easement Report – contains a list of all instruments that can potentially create an easement through the Land Registration process. Further customization is available based on Party-to name matching to identify potential easements in favour or in the interest of the customer organization.

Document Review and Evaluation – Review the registered documents identified in the Easement Report to evaluate whether or not easements are created

Easement Mapping – Generation of polygon features identifying the spatial extent of the easements as interpreted from documents and plan information over existing parcel mapping fabric.

Easement Usage Identification – identify the purpose for the registered easement based on document interpretation i.e. storm water management, sanitary sewer, etc.

Ongoing Easement Data Maintenance – Upon the completion of the initial easement project, maintain a current mapped easement inventory based on monitoring of new easement registrations and releases.



Do you know where your easements are?

  • Identify missing or misaligned easements
  • Prioritize investigation of and possible purchase of missing easements
  • Access critical information for emergency response and field operations
  • Share Information among different departments
  • Improve and standardize processes for future easement acquisition
  • Establish formal planning of releasing easements and risk mitigation
  • Prioritize easement related budget planning
  • Enhance the regional infrastructure GIS data